Pot, alcohol and kids

EDITOR: Now that I've learned the supervisors' reasoning and concerns regarding why they rejected a proposed marijuana dispensary ("County rejects SR Ave. pot shop," Wednesday), I'm burning with questions.

Considering alcohol's role in ensuring that natural selection applies to humans by reducing the population while causing some heartbreaking collateral damage, why is it that alcohol dispensaries' proximity to places where kids live and congregate is rarely a zoning factor or of much concern? Booze has become ubiquitous and, like wild mustard, it's sprouting everywhere.

Is the notion that merely passing a ganja dispensary will create among our youth an insatiable desire to grab a little euphoria and quit school?

Children run up and down the aisles where the liquor and wine live in Safeway, but I doubt they pause and shout, "Oh my God, there it is — the stuff mom and dad drink that makes them act stupid, throw up and fall down. I want some, too."

I agree with Supervisor David Rabbitt's statement that "as a society we are a bunch of hypocrites."

Teach your children well, set a good example, teach them the importance of being ethical, be a responsible guide and learn how to listen. If they continue to run with scissors, toss a few banana peels on the floor, and they'll figure it out.


Monte Rio