Monday's Letters to the Editor

Climate debate

EDITOR: It's called a straw-dog argument. Attribute some ridiculous idea to your opponents, then ridicule them for it. Thanks, Andy Logar, for providing us with a great example ("Analysis vs. consensus," Letters, Wednesday). "They claim that right from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution . . . the addition of initially tiny quantities of carbon dioxide . . . produced without time delay, a measurable, increasing rise in global temperatures that continues to today," he writes.

Hmmm. Who's the "they" he's talking about? When and where did "they" make this claim? And how does it follow from this that "the warmers," whoever they are, have failed to take into account such a critical factor as the time lag caused by the mass of the Earth's atmosphere and oceans?

But seriously, this endless debate is so boring and unproductive. NASA takes climate change seriously. The U.S. Department of Defense takes it seriously. So do our intelligence agencies and those of our allies. Insurance companies, of necessity, take it very seriously, as do the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and even many of the giant corporations that simultaneously fund climate change denial.

It's way past time to move on.


Santa Rosa

Dream Center supporter

EDITOR: The Santa Rosa City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved plans for the Dream Center, a project by Social Advocates for Youth that will use the old Warrack Hospital as transitional and low-income housing for young adults.

Opponents of the project made it clear this will not be the last word. They threatened to block the project in the courts and retaliate against its supporters at the ballot box.

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