Wither Palm Drive?

EDITOR: I'm writing as an employee of Palm Drive Hospital. I've worked here for seven amazing years, most recently as a respiratory therapist. It's with great sadness that I'm learning of the layoffs and possible closing ("Palm Drive Hospital warns of playoffs," Sunday). Palm Drive Hospital has gone through troubled times, and some poor decisions have been made by management. Despite all this, working here was like coming home.

My co-workers are like my family. We work 12 hours, side by side, caring for the community and saving lives. The community may view us as a sinking ship, and there may not be help for us this time, but the heart of Palm Drive isn't its management but its employees.

It's tough having the substantial threat of being jobless, but equally as dire is the fear of losing my co-workers. I worry for them as much as they worry for me. It's as if a family is about to be dispersed. We care about one another, and we care about the people we serve. We are the local choice because we're the embodiment of the community. We help one another through tough times and make one another laugh even in light of dark news. After all, isn't that the quality that makes west county what it is?


Santa Rosa

Gun reform

EDITOR: The Press Democrat published a letter from Kenneth Larsen ("Democrat control?" March 24) documenting his belief that since several mass-murder gun crimes are somehow connected to registered members or children of registered members of the Democratic Party, Democrats shouldn't be allowed to have guns. Now it is only fair to present another viewpoint.

; Columbine shooters: male.

; Beltway snipers: male.

; Virginia Tech shooter: male.

; Fort Hood, Texas shooter: male.

; Oikos University shooter: male.

; Aurora, Colo. theater shooter: male.

; Sandy Hook Elementary shooter: male.

; Washington Navy Yard shooter: male.

In October, CNN reported on the 25 deadliest mass-shootings in America. All 25 were committed by men.

Taking guns away from Democrats isn't the answer, but perhaps we should take them away from men.

If this sentiment seems ludicrous, it is only to underline the idiocy of the one previously published. It is not people's political affiliation or gender we should worry about; rather it's their mental health. By adding psychological evaluations to gun control, we can ensure that guns do not end up in the hands of those who could commit such atrocities.


Santa Rosa

Saving Palm Drive

EDITOR: There's another "save" option for Palm Drive Hospital rather than mass layoffs. Our local area hosts thriving numbers of integrative medical practitioners. Integrative medicine combines the best of standard drug/chemical-oriented therapy with natural approaches. This assists the body to heal itself, rather than simply suppress symptoms with drugs. Growing numbers of folks seek this healing philosophy.

Many American flee our shores to more open medical practices abroad. Local officials could take advantage of this fact and the fabulous abundance of local talent. Consider transforming Palm Drive Hospital into a one-of-a kind medical facility in America. It might attract patients from far and wide.

Such a facility would embrace high-grade nutritional therapies and detoxification strategies. For immune/infectious disease support, the hospital could resurrect practices of highly effective oxidation therapies. These were once widespread in America for infection but virtually lost with the advent of magic bullets (antibiotics), now rapidly failing us.

If word got out that an American hospital was offering safe, effective natural therapies, it might divert here the thousands of Californians who flock south of the border seeking the same. Medicine (Palm Drive included) must begin thinking outside the box to save itself from its impending financial implosion.


Santa Rosa

Raw milk bill

EDITOR: I would like the readers to be informed that Assembly Bill 2505, the Home Dairy Farm Raw Milk Safety Act, is in committee and will be passed on for further consideration by the state Assembly if the committee approves it. If you are in support of making raw milk available from small local producers, now is the time to let your California representative know. This bill doesn't allow for retail sales of raw milk from home dairies, but it does allow an individual to purchase milk from a friend or neighbor on their farm.