The World of Outlaw's "Greatest Show on Dirt" is a sprint car series that features high-powered cars that seemingly fly around a short, oval dirt track.

The key to sprint cars is the high-power to low-weight ratio that can allows cars to reach speeds upward of 140 mph.

The World of Outlaws division of sprint car racing features winged race cars.

Winged racers were first introduced in the early 1970s when drivers attached wings to the front and top of the car, forcing a downforce on the lightweight car.

This downforce allows for more control by the driver when entering turns and even allows the driver to increase the speed.

The wings also prevent the lightweight car from going airborne, and in the case where an airborne incident occurs, the wings lessen the impact on the car and the driver.

The safety of these cars has been improved in recent years to include a roll cage, to prevent injuries to the driver.

Steve Kinser's car owner — NASCAR Sprint Car champion driver Tony Stewart — showed the value of the improvement in the safety of sprint cars in 2013.

Stewart flipped and crashed his sprint car, and came away with only broken bones in one leg.

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