An Analy High School student is recovering at home from a case of whooping cough, a school district official said Saturday.

Parents and students at the Sebastopol high school were notified Friday that a student at the school had contracted the highly contagious respiratory disease, also called pertussis.

West Sonoma County High School District Superintendent Keller McDonald said the student's case was not serious.

"The student did not slow down and continued to be active," McDonald said. "The main complaint was of a persistent cough."

The teen had been vaccinated against the disease. A state law that went into effect in 2011 requires seventh- through 12th-graders to show proof they've been vaccinated against pertussis. Students can opt out, however, by presenting a waiver.

According to a recent study, California saw a rise in case of whooping cough in 2013 primarily because of parents refusing to vaccinate their children. But McDonald said the numbers of waivers at the high school were low.

"The lesson here is still to get vaccinated," he said. "The so-called herd immunity protects everybody, especially very young children."