A mini-Sonoma County Fair will spring to life Tuesday outside the chambers of the Board of Supervisors.

The supes have declared "Saralee Day" as tribute to the effervescent and almost unstoppable woman who lived to promote local agriculture and its bounty and to champion young people intent on working the land.

Saralee McClelland Kunde was only 66 when she died of cancer Jan. 26.

On Tuesday, kids in 4-H and FFA will bring farm animals to the parking lot at County Center and Administration drives at 11 a.m. There will be games and prizes at a small, traveling fair.

About 11:30, county supervisors and others will recall Saralee's gifts and declare her forever an honorary director of the fair she so loved.

Lunch will follow, then everyone will do what the guest of honor would have done. Get back to work.

Happy Saralee Day.

FAWNS ARE COMING and 93-year-old wonder Marjorie Davis and her crew at Wildlife Fawn Rescue are gearing up for another busy season.

In these parts, spindly, spotted baby deer are caught in fences, orphaned, taken ill, injured by vehicles or picked up by well-intentioned folks who often conclude mistakenly that they've been abandoned by their mothers.

To celebrate the rescue group's 25th year, Marj and other volunteers will host a 1to 4 p.m. open house on Sunday at the Sebastopol Grange.

Last year, Marj et al leaped into action for 103 fawns in trouble. This year's clients are just now being born.

YOUR LITTLE DEARS will thank you if you take them for a stroll or a drive or a bike ride on Santa Rosa's Easter-Egg Lane.

This is a cul-de-sac neighborhood that dresses up with colored eggs on strings and posts and in the trees, Easter cutouts and flowers, bunnies, carrots and the like.

It happens on Barona Place, off Creekside Road near Bethards Drive. Kids 7 or 8 might think it's a yawner but to younger ones it may be better than Disneyland.

EASTER DUCKIES? Some caring military vets will be doling seasonal "Buck-a-Duck" rubber duckies at the farmers market at the Santa Rosa Vets' Building both this Saturday and next.

Donations for the duckies, and for baseball-cap Easter Bonnets for vets, will go to Petaluma-reared Army veteran Monte Bernardo.

Monte's learning to walk, run and do for himself again after losing both legs and his left hand in Afghanistan on the Fourth of July 2012.

Local Vietnam-era vets are raising money for his recovery because that's what brothers and sisters do.

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