<b>Buying soldiers</b>

EDITOR: This new bill to offer legal status to immigrants who were brought here illegally before the age of 15 sounds like an insidious way to purchase humans for military sacrifice ("GOP rift over new immigrant proposal," April 5).

It's no secret that recruiters have long preyed on lower-income youth in depressed areas, where their only hope of getting out was to enlist to populate our military. Then, if they survive physically and mentally, they can have an education (but sketchy medical care).

I feel that we should have a way for those immigrants to obtain citizenship, but it shouldn't be that they have to sacrifice their lives for it. I feel that this is a shameful proposition.

I do not want my child to have to go into the military, and I do not want your child to have to go either. It should be free choice and not made out of desperation.

I hope the immigrant population can see through this ploy.


Monte Rio