Monday's Letters to the Editor

<b>Of left and right</b>

EDITOR: I congratulate The Press Democrat on printing a letter that is a fine exemplar of the right-wing mind at work — lies, distortions and unsubstantiated claims regarding the current administration and Democrats in general ("Leftist agenda," Thursday).

Interestingly, the left does not have to lie about the misdeeds and ideological absurdity of the right. The right-wing's leadership and its consequences are easy to see and require no sleight-of-hand rhetoric. It depends on the reader or viewers being too lazy to fact-check much of anything spouted by Fox News or Rush Limbaugh.

Thursday's letter contained no evidence of the author's allegations. What scandals? What nations are cringing because we are leaderless? What nations are terrified by our debt? What executive abuse of power?

I agree with one of the author's remarks: "The consequences of uninformed voting are staring us in the face." I suppose he dreams of another Bush-Cheney administration wherein the "informed" voters gave us a team of reckless war mongering and unregulated financial systems.



<b>Landfill troubles</b>

EDITOR: Sonoma County public works director Susan Klassen is surprised by water quality regulation ("County risks steep fines over landfill runoff," April 5)? I have to wonder what deliberation isn't going on with our representatives.

As I look over the county's goals for our landfill, composting and recycling efforts, it seems obvious that cramming all three operations onto one site will cause all kinds of problems that current resources clearly can't handle, resulting in additional costs (as well as fines) to taxpayers. It is odd to me that while insisting that all three be shoved together, Supervisor David Rabbitt doesn't provide documentable evidence to show how it will work in face of the facts presented by the planning studies recommending that composting be located elsewhere.

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