Carrillo, 33, is charged with peeking into a door or window — a misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail. He has pleaded not guilty.

The 5th District supervisor told police that he went to the woman's apartment in his socks and underwear before dawn on July 13 to ask her to have a beer.

Prosecutors suggested his motives were much darker than a social visit. They pointed to his state of undress and a torn bedroom window screen as evidence Carrillo was trying to get into the apartment.

The woman's testimony supported the version. She said she had been asleep more than an hour when she was awakened about 3:40 a.m. by noises at her open window.

She described a "tearing, ripping sound" followed by "rustling" window blinds.

She jumped up, grabbed her phone and ran into the living room of her small apartment, where two girlfriends were asleep on air mattresses.

The woman then peered through a window and saw a man stripped to his waist with his hands on his hips, staring out at nearby Brockhurst Drive.

"He looked very scary and large and muscular," she said, avoiding eye contact with Carrillo, seated across the crowded courtroom in a pink tie and business suit.

The woman called 911 and the three armed themselves with butcher knives. She placed a second call to police about 10 minutes later after someone knocked on the front door. She asked who it was, and the man responded "It's your neighbor," she testified.

"I was confused," she recounted. "I didn't know any of my neighbors. I said, 'What do you want?'" And he said, 'A drink.'"

The woman said she didn't open the door and the man went away. Carrillo later told officers he thought the woman was by herself and that the two could "hang out."

On the first of three taped police statements, he didn't appear to be able to explain why he was wearing just boxer briefs and socks.

"I probably should be wearing pants," he told Officer Chris Diaz. "I understand that."

After he was released from jail, Carrillo reportedly checked into an alcohol treatment facility for five weeks. Upon his return, Carrillo apologized and said he had a longtime problem with binge drinking.

Diaz said Carrillo had glassy eyes and alcohol on his breath the night he was arrested, but did not appear to be drunk. "Wasn't even close," Diaz said. Police did not give Carrillo a field sobriety test or take blood samples to measure his alcohol level.

Police arrested Carrillo on suspicion of felony burglary, saying it appeared he intended to commit some type of sexual assault. Prosecutors rejected the more serious charge, which would have automatically removed Carrillo from office upon a conviction.

The woman testified that Carrillo surprised her a month earlier by appearing in her backyard with a bottle of wine to welcome her to the neighborhood. Carrillo walked through her open garage and into her backyard, knocking on a sliding glass door to her kitchen, she said.

The woman, who was wearing just a towel or robe at the time, said Carrillo tried to hug and kiss her, which left her feeling uncomfortable.

She described two other chance meetings, including a "five second" conversation at a downtown Santa Rosa nightclub, Space XXV. She said she barely knew Carrillo and denied any romantic relationship.

"He doesn't even have my phone number," she said. "He probably couldn't even tell you my last name."

Asked if she invited him to come to her apartment on July 13, she responded, "Absolutely not."

The woman turned away from the supervisor Tuesday, speaking directly to the jury. Carrillo sat stoically in his chair, looking straight ahead as the woman testified. He is scheduled to take the witness stand to offer his version of events later this week.

Carrillo's lawyers, Chris Andrian and Jane Gaskell, questioned the woman's account of the few times they had met before. In opening statements, Andrian described their relationship as "flirtatious" and called the wine a "nice gesture."

He said there was no evidence Carrillo had peeked into the apartment. The bedroom window screen was broken, he said, when Carrillo knocked on the open window to get her attention and it tore.

"You might not like what he did," Andrian said. "But he didn't commit a crime."