One of the proposals the school board is considering would bring onto one campus all of those students from schools with too few age-eligible students and create a regional transitional kindergarten. The proposal calls for a teacher's aide to ride the bus with all children both before and after school.

Another option includes staggering start times for combination classes so that students from two different age groups do not spend the entire day together.

"In everything that I have seen or heard, we need to do everything we can to avoid combo classes," school board president Bill Carle said. "It's just two drastically different age groups that are nowhere near each other. I think it's detrimental to both sides."

"I'm very much in favor of the regional" program, he said.

Officials acknowledged that whatever program is established, it has to be appealing to parents because the transitional kindergarten program remains optional.

"We don't want students staying home. We want our KAs in the classroom," said Rachel Monarrez, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction.

No date was set for the board to vote on the proposals.