<b>Saving Palm Drive</b>

EDITOR: Winston Churchill said, "A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."

The recent crisis and ongoing economic problems plaguing Palm Drive Hospital have proven a wonderful opportunity for the west county community to come together once again with its amazing resilient spirit.

The message is clear; residents want a hospital.

Many lives have been saved at Palm Drive, and a dedicated staff has served to meet the health care needs of that community with excellence.

Dr. James Gude and Dan Smith, in collaboration with the Palm Drive Health Care Foundation, have designed a wonderful, financially solvent plan, backed by committed community funding, to run the hospital as a new entity.

Wouldn't it be a travesty if the district board didn't vote to allow them to implement this plan and keep vital health services available to the west county?

The public meeting will be at noon Wednesday at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts, 282 S. High St. Show your support for the new community hospital by attending.


Santa Rosa

<b>For Sundstrom</b>

EDITOR: With regard to our June election, there is only one candidate who has the breadth and depth of government accounting experience needed to protect our taxes as Sonoma County auditor-controller-treasurer-tax-collector. This would be David Sundstrom, the person who holds the office.

The Board of Supervisors unanimously hired Sundstrom in 2012 after a nationwide search. Sundstrom has 37 years direct experience in government auditing and finances. Prior to serving as auditor-controller in Orange County, where he cleaned up its financial mess, Sundstrom grew up in the Bay Area and graduated from Sonoma State University.

Sundstrom has improved Sonoma County's transparency by publishing the award-winning "Citizens Report" that details the county's financial condition in plain language. Most notably, under Sundstrom's financial leadership, Sonoma County has improved its Standard & Poor's pension-obligation bond rating.

He is endorsed by the majority of Sonoma County's city council members, the Sonoma County Farm Bureau, the county superintendent of schools, sheriff, district attorney, assessor and numerous other elected and community leaders who understand the necessity of having someone with the right financial experience in this position.

In our upcoming election, I would encourage Sonoma County residents to vote for David Sundstrom.


Santa Rosa

<b>Missing the point</b>

EDITOR: If the facts reported in the April 15 article "Barred from school" are correct, people are missing the point. This does not seem to be a case of parents not liking a strict zero-tolerance policy and trying to get their kids exempted from responsibility, but rather administrators who decided to implement their own excessive punishment in violation of California ed codes and their own district policy. Where's the zero tolerance for that?



<b>Choosing too soon</b>

EDITOR: The Press Democrat already endorsed Jill Ravitch for re-election as District Attorney ("Let Ravitch build on her first term," April 13). This recommendation comes without knowing how she will proceed on behalf of the killing of Andy Lopez. Asking the citizens of this county to ignore the outcome of this crime is preposterous.

The Press Democrat wants to overlook the fact that deputy Erick Gelhaus actually thought someone was strolling along the sidewalk in broad daylight, carrying a loaded AK-47.