<b>On whether he knocked on his neighbor's window:</b>

"I don't recall having knocked, but, I mean, it's evident, I put my hand through the screen."

<b>On why he went to the home of a woman he barely knew to invite her to have a pre-dawn beer:</b>

"I was arrogant. At the time, I was egotistical, I was very self-centered. I had a very inflated opinion of myself. And yes, I thought that Ms. Jane Doe and, you know, other women, looked at me from my own inflated perspective. I accept that. I own that. I own the fact that I did something very hurtful that evening."

<b>On whether he wanted to have sex with his neighbor:</b>

"I was hoping for it."

<b>On why he thought his neighbor wanted to have a sexual relationship:</b>

"I felt like I was at the top of the world. I was a young county official. I had just been elected to be the 2nd vice president of the state Association (of Counties). ... I had a big ego, I was self-centered. I was selfish. Everything that I was doing at the time, was 'How could it benefit Efren?'"

<b>On being arrested:</b>

"I realized my behavior had caught up with me. I realized my alcohol had caught up with me. I realized I had been caught with my pants down … I was out of control, absolutely. I had done something very hurtful. Disrespectful to Ms. Jane Doe, disrespectful to my girlfriend. Yes, I realize that."

<b>On whether he looked into his neighbor's house:</b>

"I did not look into any window."