<b>Opt in, not out</b>

EDITOR: Assembly Bill 2145 would requires people who wish to join Sonoma Clean Power to opt in, rather than having them opt out if they wish to stay with PG&E ("Bill a threat to Sonoma Clean Power," April 17). That makes sense to me. The customer who really believes the power will be cleaner and cost less money should jump at the chance to join.

In my opinion, this clean power by counties and cities is a way to keep our politicians with jobs. I hope that one day they don't decide to open and run a bank and transfer our accounts unless we opt out.

I still don't understand how the power lines that go to customers with clean power and the neighbor who has PG&E will know how to distribute the right power ( this comment is to make you laugh).


Santa Rosa

<b>Capricious decision</b>

EDITOR: Thanks to Staff Writer Kerry Benefield for a thoughtful, thorough and balanced article on a clear abuse of educational authority ("Barred from school," April1 15). As a former school board trustee, I have learned there simply are some school administrators whose decisions are capricious and counter-productive to the well-being of both individual students and the school itself.

I note the parents weren't asking the school to excuse or ignore the incident nor objecting to discipline being applied but rather to the total overkill. A five-day suspension surely would have more than made the point that the sip of alcohol was against policy.

Since the students involved do not seem to previously have had significant discipline problems, the school's draconian reaction is a disturbing indication of distorted priorities and a seemingly out of control principal.

Kudos to the parents and the kids involved for refusing to be intimidated. No doubt the kids have had a learning experience that seems to relate more to standing up against bullying than to drinking.


Columbus, N.M.

<b>Seven for Gore</b>

EDITOR: Seven local leaders who have served as mayor of Windsor have endorsed James Gore for 4th District supervisor. Former mayors Steve Scott, Marjorie Smith, Julie Adamson, Steve Allen, Warin Parker and me as well as current Mayor Bruce Okrepkie feel that Gore has the qualities we are looking for in leadership for the north county. He brings a fresh perspective along with a gift for listening and problem solving in an inclusive way that will best serve us. Please join the seven of us in voting for James Gore to represent Windsor and the 4th District on June 3.



<b>A man for all seasons</b>

EDITOR: Many people may not realize that in addition to being a giant in the halls of public education as superintendent and principal for the Gravenstein School District, Rey Ballotti was also a kind, sweet, gentle, "wholly" man who gave of himself in extraordinary ways to St. Eugene's Elementary School community during the late 1960s, '70s and early '80s.

When Catholic schools began to see the formation of parochial school boards as essential, he was approached to help form St. Eugene's first school board. In fact, he became the board's first chairman, holding that position for numerous years. He continued to serve as a member of the board and, finally, as a non-voting member in an advisory capacity.

He was much loved and revered. The administration would say, "Rey, just one more year." That "one more year" turned into many more years until, finally, the administration thanked him for his many years of service to the St. Eugene's Community.

I believe that he has been given much as he gave much. With regard to Rey Ballotti, we can certainly say with Jesus, "Well done, good and faithful servant, now enter into the joy of the Master."