<b>Conserving water</b>

EDITOR: This week marked Earth Day in the United States. While I love "The "Lorax" and believe that Dr. Seuss was ahead of his time, I think Earth Day has evolved into little more than lip service and a chance to have celebratory events that make us feel good.

This week, let's not fail to acknowledge the Earth and its limitations as shown by our current drought. While other states have had flooding, blizzards and rain, California has had lovely spring weather all winter. I'm not complaining. I hate the rain. I hate the cold. However, we need it, and that's why there are seasons.

There is no mandatory conservation. No one is suggesting closing a pool or easing restrictions placed by homeowners' associations to keep lawns pretty and green. Unfortunately, the result could well be that we will soon not have a choice in the matter.

While the governor can't be expected to produce rain, he and local governments can take more measures to conserve what water we do have.


Rohnert Park