That was some party 15-year-old Matthew Ostheimer attended — and addressed — in San Francisco.

Matthew, a sophomore at Santa Rosa's Cardinal Newman High, was there with Huey Lewis and ex-49er greats Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott and Dwight Clark.

The guest of honor at the party, hosted by Tiffanie DeBartolo, was Valentino Deng. He's the ex-"Lost Boy of Sudan" who works to build schools and other community projects in his homeland.

The dinner raised money for the nonprofit Deng founded with Dave Eggers, author of "What is the What," a novel inspired by Deng's story. Eggers was there, too.

Matthew was invited because he has raised nearly $6,000 for the Valentino Achak Deng Foundation.

Deng asked: Would Matthew like for Deng and Eggers to visit Santa Rosa, and would he care to travel to South Sudan, perhaps when he's a senior?

Yes and Yes!

READ 'LUANN'? The comic strip's current, prom-night story line resembles that of 12 Maria Carrillo High students.

First, the prom venue closed without refunding the teens' money. Next, Kyle Scally, Lizzie Velazquez and 10 friends were nearing the successor venue in Marin when their limo broke down.

They might have hoofed it, like the teens in the funnies, but San Rafael Police came to their rescue. With dramatic flair, the officers who ferried the MCHS kids in four patrol cars hit the lights and sirens as they pulled up to the prom.

We'll hope Luann's big night ends as well.

STEPHAN BOYER was brilliant at Elsie Allen High — Class of 2009 — and at MIT.

Now he's rolled out Kite-string, a Web-based service to make people safer.

The idea came to him as he fretted about the safety of his girlfriend, who lives in a notso-great neighborhood.

His "safecall service" allows someone to arrange to be sent check-in texts when he or she is walking, meeting a stranger or entering some other potentially iffy situation.

If the person fails to reply, to the texts, Kitestring alerts his or her emergency contacts and sends them a message detailing where he or she was going. Couldn't hurt.

THE ASS TO ASS, an epic, 1980s benefit fun-run between the former Brass Ass pizza pubs in Cotati and Santa Rosa, is gloriously supplanted by the Mombo's to Mombo's.

On Saturday, eight musical acts will enliven the route of the all-family bike ride linking Fred Poulos' pizzerias in Sebastopol and Santa Rosa.

The Mombo's to Mombo's makes serious dough for music and arts programs at three Sebastopol and Santa Rosa schools.

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