The crowd, which gathered in searing heat in a strip mall parking lot on Sebastopol Road in west Santa Rosa, was small but passionate. Families, students and activists with labor, peace and immigrant rights groups made up the crowd. There were signs that advocated a $15 dollar minimum wage. Many showed support for Andy Lopez, the 13-year-old Santa Rosa boy who was fatally shot by a Sonoma County sheriff's deputy last October.

Greg Sarris, chairman of the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria, was a featured speaker at the rally. He told the crowd to urge the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors to impel District Attorney Jill Ravitch to speed up her review of the case. The District Attorney's Office is examining the incident to determine if Deputy Erick Gelhaus violated the law when he shot Lopez, who was carrying an airsoft BB gun that resembled an assault rifle.

Sarris also touted his commitment to the workers at the Graton casino, saying he provided "some of the best benefits to any workers in the county, or anywhere."

The group marched along Sebastopol Road to Old Courthouse Square, led by a small group dressed in traditional Mexican Indian garb.

The event was one of many that took place across the nation to celebrate May Day or International Workers' Day. In past years, issues like immigration reform have swelled the crowd into the thousands.

"I think it's essential that we come out on a day like this," said Roberto Sanchez, an artist and writer from Santa Rosa, "Any support is important. Our voices should be heard."