The Sebastopol City Council is scheduled Tuesday night to discuss whether council members can offer help over the closure of Palm Drive Hospital.

The discussion comes at the request of Mayor Robert Jacob, who said the April 28 hospital shutdown represents an emergency situation not only for the city's 7,500 residents but for some 50,000 people throughout west Sonoma County.

The council will consider a draft resolution calling for state and federal officials to support changes in Medicare reimbursements and licensure that would make it more feasible for Palm Drive to reopen.

Though the hospital, run by the elected Palm Drive Health Care District Board, is independent of the city, Jacob said the city has a clear interest in the availability of local health care and employing at least some of the 242 people who lost their jobs when the hospital closed.

"We've lost a critical community asset," he said.

Jacob said he wants at least to offer support and help, if it's needed, and is hoping council members will create a council subcommittee to serve in a liaison capacity to the health care board.