The Santa Rosa City Council on Tuesday postponed until next week a decision on whether to release a disputed email exchange between Councilman Gary Wysocky and City Attorney Caroline Fowler.

A majority of the council felt it was better to make such a decision at the same time it considered the broader issue of whether details of the investigation into whether Wysocky created a hostile work environment should be made public.

The outside attorney that completed the investigation wasn't available to attend Tuesday's meeting, and details haven't yet been provided to the council. It is expected to address both issues next week.

Vice Mayor Robin Swinth said she would prefer to get the "fullest possible picture" about the investigation "before we start releasing bits of information."

But Wysocky called it "ironic" that a council that says it values open government would hold back an email exchange providing context to communication issues at City Hall following the shooting of 13-year-old Andy Lopez by a sheriff's deputy.

"There is no reason to hold this back, and you all know it," Wysocky said.

Swinth, Scott Bartley, Jake Ours and Ernesto Olivares voted to postpone the discussion. Wysocky, Erin Carlstrom and Julie Combs voted against postponing it.