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May 10 Letters to the Editor

<b>Double standard</b>

EDITOR: It is not surprising at all to read the public opinions promoting forgiveness and absolution of Supervisor Efren Carrillo. The country is becoming more and more tolerant of the increase of unethical, criminal and amoral behavior of our elected representatives. They are human, after all.

It is, however, shameful and alarming that our government representatives are generally held to a lower standard than all of the other public servants in our community. I seriously doubt that everyone who continues to support Carrillo's juvenile behavior would be as forgiving if it were their minister, their kid's school principal or their local chief of police. I am certain they would have lost their jobs and been kicked down the road long ago.

I am human, and I can attest that Carrillo is not anything like me.



<b>Finding Eden</b>

EDITOR: It's an odd way to garner votes for the Republican Party — condemning the Democrats for supporting "unions, movie makers, gays, welfare recipients, and old people who sell their votes to the Democrats" ("Terms for surrender," Letters, Thursday). But the author, Lloyd Robinson, who has traveled to 40 different countries, says he is the only true Republican north of the Golden Gate Bridge and, therefore, feels endowed with the only true voice of this area.

Robinson pleads with the people of this area to set their aim a little higher when picking our leaders. If he wants to pity himself and say his vote doesn't count, and he can't support the personnel listed above, that's his choice.

If Robinson has accidentally located himself in this area and it's not to his liking, then he should leave no stone unturned and find his Garden of Eden. My suggestion: Try country No. 41.

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