<b>Public debt</b>

EDITOR: The Press Democrat printed about a 1,000-word article on page A4 on Thursday noting that the California debt is now $8,500 per resident. Given the implications for every California resident of such debt, the article should have been featured on the front page.

A few other facts might have been included: The $17 trillion national debt equals $53,627 per resident; the estimated $144 trillion national unfunded liability equals $454,258 per resident; the $780 billion per year being printed by the Fed, which is a consortium of New York banks having no connection to the federal government, equals $2,460 per resident or $9,840 per family of four.

The "1 percent" paid 50.6 percent of California state income taxes in 2012, which implies a powerful incentive for these folks to leave the state, thus raising the 8.1 percent unemployment rate and the rest of us to pay the above cited per-resident bills.


Santa Rosa