A road rage case involving a gang member harassing two teens as they drove from the coast toward Petaluma ended Sunday night with the arrest of a 17-year-old Santa Rosa youth, the CHP said.

Over the course of several miles the suspect tried to force the other teens off of the roadway and repeatedly yelled at them to pull over and at one point stopped and threw a bat at the other car, breaking the windshield, CHP spokesman Officer Jon Sloat said Monday.

The victims, a 17-year-old boy and a teen girl, had been at a Bodega Bay beach Sunday.

As they were leaving they were approached by the suspect who asked the boy if "he banged," meaning was he a gang member, and challenged him, Sloat said.

The victim, who told officers he wasn't a gang member, said he and the girl got into their car and left the beach.

They were followed by the teen, driving a Honda Accord. Heading south on Highway 1, the Honda driver swerved toward them, cut them off and yelled for them to stop, Sloat said.

On Bodega Avenue near Eastman Lane, just west of Petaluma, the Honda driver pulled ahead.

He then stopped, got out and threw a small bat at the teens' car as it passed. The bat shattered the windshield.

The teen driver then called 911.

A CHP officer went looking for the suspect spotted the Honda Accord on Middle Two Rock Road.

The officer put on his lights and siren to pull over the driver and the driver stopped.

But as the officer got out of his car, the teen then sped off, starting a short pursuit.

The officer said the teen drove for almost a mile, committing various driving violations, before he stopped again.

This time the teen got out and quickly lay face down as the officer approached and handcuffed him.

While being searched for weapons the teen tried to run but didn't get away, Sloat said.

Officers found an open beer in the car and determined the teen had been drinking, but didn't appear to be intoxicated.

The youth was arrested on suspicion of evading police, resisting arrest, being a minor with alcohol and driving despite not being a licensed driver.

Because the youth was acting as a gang member, he could face felony enhancements to the charges, Sloat said.

Officers booked him into Sonoma County's youth detention center.