Trial was postponed Tuesday for three men accused in a triple homicide near Forestville.

The delay until Sept. 19 came a day after prosecutors announced they would seek the death penalty against one of the men, Mark Cappello, 47, of Central City, Colo.

The other two suspects, Odin Dwyer, 39, also of Colorado, and his father, Francis Dwyer, 66 of New Mexico, face life in prison in the Feb. 5, 2013 slayings alleged to have happened during a marijuana deal.

Prosecutors said Cappello wielded the gun that killed Todd Klarkowski, 43, of Boulder, Colo.; Richard Lewin, 46, of Huntington, N.Y.; and Raleigh Butler, 24, formerly of Sebastopol.

The trial was scheduled to begin May 23. It was postponed at the request of the Dwyers' lawyers, who said they have not received DNA evidence.

Cappello, who is the first to face a death sentence in Sonoma County in 19 years, is expected to receive a second lawyer. The trial is estimated to run four months, including a separate penalty phase.