<b>The clear choice</b>

EDITOR: This June, for the first time in more 20 years, Sonoma County has a contest for the top elected financial position.

One candidate, David Sundstrom, appointed by the Board of Supervisors when Efren Carrillo was the chairman, is a recent arrival from Orange County. His misallocation of property taxes has cost that county $147 million and his outsourcing of a computer upgrade is millions over budget and years behind schedule. Do you think Sundstrom disclosed those facts in his interview?

The other candidate, local certified public accountant and Santa Rosa City Councilman Gary Wysocky, has been consistent in his efforts to eliminate wasteful government spending and unfair fees. His success in defeating an executive buyout in the depth of the recession and the imposition of parking fees at a local park quickly come to mind. He has also been steadfast in calling for the open release of public business in public.

The position requires complete and accurate presentation of financial information and analysis. This choice is clear. Gary Wysocky has my vote for auditor-controller treasurer-tax collector as someone I can trust to do the job right.



<b>Change the subject</b>

EDITOR: Could we please change the subject? I am so tired of opening your newspaper each morning and seeing another Efren Carrillo story. How many times do you plan to repeat it? You have made your point and stated how the paper feels about him, now think of something else to write about.

I would like to thank Mendocino County Supervisor Dan Hamburg for his well-written letter on the subject ("Let Carrillo do his job," Friday). Too bad our Sonoma County supervisors aren't as sensible.


Santa Rosa

<b>Getting things done</b>

EDITOR: I have had the pleasure of serving with Jim Wood on the Healdsburg City Council for the past five years. His leadership, integrity and concern for constituents have always shown through. He has consistently used these exceptional characteristics to deliver excellent results. Now he wants to apply his skills to the state Assembly. We are fortunate that someone of his caliber is willing and able to step up to this task.

As mayor, Wood recently led the effort to obtain permission from the Regional Water Quality Control Board for Healdsburg to supply recycled water for construction dust control and irrigation. Wood worked tirelessly over the past several months to make this happen. He used his experience, tenacity and ability to work within the system to fulfill his promise to our council that he would make this happen.

Wood is an independent thinker yet a true team player. Collaboration, vision and persistence are key to driving results and these are clearly his strength. He doesn't compromise his values but understands the necessity to get things done.

I will be voting for Jim Wood in the June 3 primary and strongly encourage you to do the same.



<b>Intolerant politicians</b>

EDITOR: Supervisor Efren Carrillo has been acquitted in a case of questionable validity. His irresponsible behavior caused a woman's unnecessary fear. In my 20s, a neighbor's drunken friend startled me awake by ringing my doorbell. It was unsettling but not a crime.

I'm a strong advocate of women's rights, well aware of what we have endured and continue to fight for in our struggle to overcome male-dominated cultures. That said, Carrillo took the stand and confessed to self-condemning motives and behavior. He awoke a neighbor by knocking on a bedroom window screen (causing it to tear) and rang her doorbell. He didn't break into her apartment or lay a hand on her. Disturbing the peace of an individual is an apt description.

Carrillo's colleagues and fellow politicians called for his resignation — after he was acquitted. Huddled together in group think, they have shown disrespect for the criminal justice system while hoping voters will associate them with defending a woman against a politician.

These stone-throwers need to acknowledge that change is possible in someone who told the truth, expressing sorrow for his actions at the expense of personal and public humiliation. I will vote for tolerant, reflective representatives, none of whom seem to be Carrillo's fellow board members.


Santa Rosa