How's the etiquette at your workplace?

Do your co-workers carry on long, embarrassingly personal cellphone conversations in the break room while others try to eat lunch?

Does someone take up a whole shelf in the refrigerator with a giant box containing one shriveled sliver of pungent pepperoni-and-anchovy pizza?

Is there a guy two cubicles down from you that trims his nails with one of those clippers that emits a loud, shrill click?

Tell us what gets on your nerves at work and we'll print the best of the bunch.

Keep your comments short and please include your full name, occupation, age and town. In addition, please include your contact information in case we have additional questions.

Contact reporter Dan Taylor at 521-5243, email him <a href="">here</a>, or snail mail your response to 427 Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa, 95401. Or call 521-5243.