The Press Democrat faults the board for not making the tax temporary. That seems to be the only reason it opposes it, stating, "If it returns with a temporary tax to buy time for a long-term solution, we're likely to support it."

So, the paper's bottom line is that because the tax is not temporary our safety should be placed at risk. In taking that position, the paper fails to understand the context in which it was placed on the ballot.

Perhaps, had it known a little more about Bodega Bay, it would know that the past board discussed whether to put a sunset clause on the tax and decided not to. Why? Because, our board has a history of not collecting the full tax should it not be needed. Our past board made a deliberate, well-considered decision to leave the sunset clause out.

Our board made clear that this was a stop-gap measure — a Band-Aid, not a cure. It is designed to give the board a chance to solve our financial problems while at the same time keeping us safe.

The Press Democrat chooses to second-guess that decision. It does so without telling us how we will be made safe during the interim. Instead, it blithely tells us to vote no and says nothing about what will happen to us. The Press Democrat's editorial board has taken an irresponsible position, one that could place all of us at risk.

We are asking our friends and neighbors to keep our community safe by voting yes on Measure A.

Kathryn Norman and Don Coates are both residents of Bodega Bay.