<b>Leftist agenda</b>

EDITOR: Far-left Democrats have failed.

Keynesian economics, blanket amnesty, inflated entitlement programs, taxes and executive abuse of power don't serve our nation well.

Radical initiatives such as U.N. Agenda 21 and sustainable development are proving counterproductive to our national interests.

There has been plenty of push back by parents on the Common Core education thrust. Masking a leftist agenda in education isn't flying.

Administration policy failure and scandal abounds, foreign and domestic. Russia and Iran are mocking our unilateral nuclear disarmament and systematic dismantling of armed forces.

Allies cringe because we are leaderless.

The world is terrified by our national debt, now at $17 trillion.

The consequences of uninformed voting are staring us in the face. So, what remedy exists for our survival? Here is my belief. Vote for conservative leadership in the White House. Work on restoring family and Christian values throughout our country. Forget about outsourcing our sovereignty to the United Nation

Start with conservative wins in the mid-term elections this year, thereby ensuring the permanent retirement of Harry Reid as majority leader of the Senate.

Remember in 2016, Hillary Clinton is the mirror image of Barack Obama. Do not forget Benghazi. Never again vote the cult of personality.


Fort Bragg

<b>Foolish electorate</b>

EDITOR: Imagine the U.S. Senate run by a political party that doesn't believe in compromise, proposes nothing, obstructs everything and doesn't really believe in the role of government in American's lives. That's what will happen if Republicans win enough Senate seats in November. It sounds a bit crazy to me.

I can't help but wonder how many of our working poor could have been lifted out of poverty, how many roads and bridges and schools could have been rebuilt, how much our health system could have been improved, what discoveries our scientists could have found, how many of our foreign enemies would have been cowed by a political system united for the greatness of America, had Republicans simply rolled up their sleeves and worked with this president to solve our country's serious problems.

But no, they chose instead to vilify the president at every turn, threatened, then shut down the government when they didn't get their way and refused to pass legislation that would benefit the American people.

The Republican Party has abdicated its responsibility to govern this great land, yet it seems that it will be rewarded for its do-nothing behavior. Foolish, foolish electorate.