<b>Four years isn't enough</b>

EDITOR: I am very angered to read that Jeffrey Holzworth, the former Santa Rosa Junior College who admitted embezzling nearly $300,000 in cash parking fees from SRJC, is working out a plea deal to limit his jail term to four years, or even probation, because of his age, which is 52 ("Ex-SRJC officer admits embezzling," April 3).

As did a large number of young adult students, I have personally paid a great deal of money in cash into those meters at the junior college, as I have been taking one evening class a week for years. (I'm 68, which must be really ancient if 52 is grounds for leniency in sentencing.)

The terms being discussed are far too lenient. Embezzlement takes money away from real people and hurts them. We put money into the meters in good faith, and he is charged with stealing it. This man was entrusted with the public good, and he failed in his duty, deliberately and selfishly. He should be forced to face real consequences.



<b>Saving Palm Drive</b>

EDITOR: I urge the board of directors to reconsider its premature decision to close Palm Drive Hospital ("Palm Drive votes to end core services," Tuesday). As a registered nurse at the hospital, I am acutely aware that our hospital serves an important role in caring for Sonoma County patients, especially those in rural west county.

Public transportation to alternative hospitals isn't a viable option, and the narrow roads between our hospital and towns such as Bodega Bay and Guerneville make Palm Drive a critical part of our county's health care system.

The board must take the time to consider all options, rather than simply shutting our community hospital. At this time, several doctors in west county are drafting a proposal to buy and run the hospital. The board should take time to review the viability of this offer.


Santa Rosa

<b>Shortsighted Ukraine</b>

EDITOR: The Russian speaking people in the Ukraine are shortsighted and reflect a lack of long-range thinking. Right now, it would seem just lovely to be part of Russia, enjoying the afterglow of the successful Olympics and the swagger of a dynamic leader. Who needs democracy and Western Europe?

However, the voters in Crimea who decided to join Russia have made an irrevocable choice for generations to come, while ignoring Russia's history with czars and bloodthirsty dictators. And as sure as Earth turns on its axis, the voters' children or grandchildren will be machine-gunned in the streets for protesting the latest cruel Russian tyrant.