A police call to a McMinn Avenue apartment late Sunday night ended with five arrests after an officer found himself under threat of attack by a Santa Rosa family, police reported Monday.

Officer Jon Crespin, fearing for his safety, called for emergency help from officers and Sonoma County sheriff's deputies. Numerous law enforcement officers responded to the Chelsea Gardens apartment complex in south Santa Rosa, reported Sgt. Lisa Banayat.

During the 11:15 p.m. event, Crespin was backed into a corner and pulled out his handgun as several people yelled threats, swore at him and ignored his orders to back away, Banayat said.

The incident started as the officer came upon several people pushing each other at the apartment complex. Vanessa Gudino, 22, was heard yelling she was going to stab another woman.

As Crespin tried to hold Gudino, the woman's mother began hitting him in the face and shoulder, Banayat said.

The officer was then dealing with the mother, Margarita Abarra-Gudino, 57, and the daughter began swinging her fists at him. He then called for emergency help and used his stun gun on the daughter.

She fell to the ground but still was kicking the officer with both legs. The woman's mother, sister, a brother and a friend advanced on the officer, who still was trying to maintain custody of Vanessa Gudino.

Officer Mike Clark arrived and Gudino's sister, Sandra Papalotzin, 21, began to hit Clark in the face and shoulders, Banayat said.

As other officers arrived they got the participants separated and into custody. The officers arrested Vanessa Gudino on suspicion of making terrorist threats, battery on an officer and resisting arrest with violence.

Papalotzin was arrested on suspicion of resisting arrest with violence and assaulting an officer. Margarita Gudino was arrested on suspicion of delaying an arrest and assault on an officer.

Ramon Medina-Salcido, 20, and Vanessa Gudino's brother Atenogenes Gudino-Gudino, 18, were arrested on suspicion of delaying an arrest.