The Centellax team is well endowed with man-hours in the telecom industry. Mr. Perdomo put in 17 years at Agilent in Santa Rosa, and partners Jerry Orr and Christian Bourde spent a respective 21 years and four years at Agilent. The fourth partner, German Gutierrez, comes from the network communications industry in southern California, where he maintains an office in Carlsbad.

?We want Centellax to have a presence there because of the telecommunications cluster in San Diego and the semiconductor industry,? explains Mr. Gutierrez. ?We'll have customers there, and we can take advantage of the labor pool.?

Centellax, says Mr. Gutierrez, may employ 25 people eventually. In the meantime, the team is furnishing a 2,063sf space on Skylane Boulevard, found for Centellax by Kevin Soares of Keegan & Coppin?ONCOR International and connected to the Internet by BroadLink Communications.

Although it joins a new crop of telecom startups, including MetroPhotonics, Riverhouse Optics, Sonoma Photonics, Symmorphix, and nearly a dozen descendants of Optilink, Centellax is one of the few local offshoots of Agilent Technologies. Since 1981, only Microsource (now a division of Giga-tronics), SRC Cable, and (indirectly) Microsource spin-off VertiCom have been founded by former Agilent employees.

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