Centellax has been stepping up its hiring of engineers and technicians to staff the new, larger lab facility. Dr. Perdomo expects the company will have about 40 employees by next year.

?We won't need to be larger than that to sustain a business,? he says.

Centellax doesn't have to scramble for venture capital. Its private venture investors jump-started it with enough capital to carry it for two years, and they're fully committed to the company, according to Mr. Perdomo.

?They like our value proposition, which stresses performance, ease of use, quality, and competitive cost,? he says.

Dr. Perdomo and two other founding members of Centellax -- Jerry Orr and Christian Bourde -- worked for Hewlett Packard and Agilent before founding the startup. The fourth founder, German Gutierrez, has a background in the semiconductor industry.

In addition to the new headquarters at 463 Aviation Boulevard, Centellax maintains an office in Carlsbad.

For more information, visit www.centellax.com.