In fact, New Vine Logistics this month started offering electronic permit reporting for direct-to-consumer shipments passing through its large American Canyon fulfillment house to Texas, New York and 16 other states, according to CEO Katie Schumacher.

For $250 a month, the company tracks sales and excise taxes paid and amount of wine shipped by address and submits the related reports to regulators. Completing the reports by hand can take 15 minutes or more per sale, she noted.

Given direct-shipping's complexities, New Vine Logistics? venture into direct-to-trade shipments must solve issues such as wine title transfer for states that require physical possession by wholesalers, Ms. Schumacher said.

Stephen Schwitalla, CEO of Sonoma County Vintners Co-Op in Windsor, has considered direct-to-trade shipments, but the organization?s 78 members vary in size and in their need for access to trade accounts and standing with wholesalers.

Besides, the Pak ?n? Ship direct-to-consumer program started this month already is keeping the co-op busy, he noted. The co-op is building another 450,000-case warehouse at its campus, mainly to handle the direct sales and a 20 percent to 40 percent production increase projected to last for the next two years for many members, Mr. Schwitalla said.

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