Tell your dirty uncle: If you?re not down with the cheese, you don?t know Dick. The loungey Vegas swinger sends up the Dead Kennedys? ?Holiday in Cambodia,? Vanilla Ice?s ?Ice, Ice Baby,? Depeche Mode?s ?Personal Jesus? and Madonna?s ?Like A Virgin.? Smarmy vocals, tickled keys and hilarious asides ? it?s all there. If you go to only one Christmas party this year, bring this. You will not leave alone.

Trivia: Mr. Cheese (as he appears on second reference in the New York Times) appears somewhere in ?Dawn Of The Dead? (2004). He also played former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker?s wedding.

If you only have 99 cents: Beg for more and buy the whole album. Or just steal it off the Internet.