The six victims survived and moved on, but they will carry the physical and emotional scars for the rests of their lives. They are the six Santa Rosans -- Custodio "Junior" Lopez, Catarino Estrada, Kelly Stalnaker, Vanessa Anderson, Josh Inong and his mother, Corinne Inong -- shot by two hooded gunmen during a graduation party two years ago this week.

Staff Writer Katy Hillenmeyer on Wednesday reported on what they are doing now -- and on the frustrations associated with a crime that was never solved.

"If you don't have suspects, you don't have weapons and you don't have a motive, how far can you get?" said Josh Inong, a 2005 Elsie Allen High graduate who now, despite recurring back pain from his injury, plays football and rugby at Santa Rosa Junior College.

The shooters are described as "unknown" because the victims, police and the general public don't know who they were or why they opened fire on people attending that 2005 graduation party.

But it's likely someone out there, a friend or an acquaintance of the shooters, does know. Perhaps, as a matter of conscience, that person will one day step forward and tell the truth.