In a move aimed to cut the city of Chicago?s greenhouse gas emissions, Mayor Richard M. Daley appealed to the people of The Windy City this week with the $800 Savings Challenge.

Daley joins San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and some 800 other mayors across the country who have pledged to cut their city?s greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition to expanding the number of green rooftops, increasing recycling and promoting alternative fuels, Daley's plan outlines 13 steps residents of his city as well as cities nationwide can take to reduce their contributions to global warming, adding up to a savings of $800 a year:

- Reduce heating temperature three degrees

- Increase cooling temperature three degrees

- Save four gallons of water per day, by turning off the faucet when brushing and shaving, and by cutting shower time by a minute

- Replace nine incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs

- Replace your home air conditioner filter

- Use a power strip for all appliances and electronics that remain electrified in standby mode and turn off the power strip whenever the appliance is not in use

- Plant a tree

- Turn off three 60-watt bulbs for two hours per day

- Eliminate one 10-mile car trip per week

- Keep your car tuned up and tires properly inflated

- Replace outdoor lighting with solar lights

- Disconnect downspouts and add a rain barrel

- Recycle the Sunday newspaper instead of throwing it in the garbage