A year-old mountain lion attacked four horses off Stony Point Road in Santa Rosa Tuesday night.

The horses injuries range from ?racked? claw marks to puncture wounds. They were expected to recover but were exhausted from the ordeal, Mary Quinn, their caretaker, said.

Quinn said each horse was originally rescued from abuse and remained skittish after the attack. The mountain lion apparently climbed into the enclosure and went after the horses.

The horses were attacked by dogs three years ago, Quinn said, and likely drew on their skills from that attack to work together and fight off the mountain lion.

?They are very capable of protecting each other,? Quinn said.

A mountain lion expert with the Sonoma County Agricultural Commissioner?s Office confirmed the attack and suggested to Quinn that she purchase un-domesticated donkeys as guardians for her small herd, Quinn said.

Donkeys will fight mountain lions, she said.

Joe Montoya of the Agricultural Commissioner?s Office could not be reached for comment.