Aiyana Hairston joined the world 1 hour and 47 minutes into 2013, much to the delight of her sister – but not because of the distinction that comes with being Sonoma County's first baby born in the new year.

You see, sister Kaiya turns 4 today and want to make sure there was a clear delineation of sibling birthdays. No joint birthday parties. No combining of special days.

"She didn't want to share. She asked for it to be any day but her birthday," said dad LeRoy Hairston, 29, of Petaluma, who was reveling in the new family with mom Natalie Navas, 30, at Petaluma Valley Hospital.

Aiyana edged out two other babies born in other Sonoma County hospitals the following hour to win the crown of first New Year baby. She weighed in at 7 pounds, 3 ounces and was 19 1/2 inches long.

She and her mother were resting comfortably Tuesday afternoon greeting a stream of family and friends.

"I'm running on adrenaline I think," said Navas, who was hoping to go home as soon as possible.

The couple's first daughter was born in a "majestic water birth," Navas said, but gestational diabetes forced doctors to jumpstart Navas' delivery on Saturday, culminating with Tuesday's early morning delivery amid doctors, monitors and harsh lights.

"It was definitely more difficult than my first birth," Navas said. "It wasn't my birth plan, but everything turned out well. We're happy to have it done."

Hairston said they have assured Kaiya that she remains just as loved as before there was a little sister around. She seems to be handling it well, Hairston said.

"She's referring to Aiyana as her baby," he said.

The couple carefully chose both of their children's names for their African meanings, which comes from Hairston's family history. Kaiya is a Zulu word for "home" and Aiyana means "blossoming flower" in an Ethiopian dialect.

The family will soon head home, where mom is a homemaker and dad works two jobs in Petaluma restaurants.

Are there more babies in the couple's future?

"I'd like to try for a boy," Navas said, "but we'll have to see."

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