Quaint Sebastopol

EDITOR: I didn't get the memo that Berkeley was having a contest to name a sibling from the west, but apparently Sebastopol did. While Sebastopol is a lovely little town, it is quartered by two very busy state highways. In fact, the picture on the front page showed a woman overlooking a busy, three-lane state route ("Quest to stay quaint," Thursday). How quaint.

Allowing a long-abandoned auto dealership to languish on one of the most visible of the busy corners in that town is far from quaint. Putting up several obstacles to prevent a drug store from occupying said property is also far from quaint and is now getting the town sued. Lawsuits are not quaint.

If Sebastopol city officials are truly interested in thwarting the effects of an automobile-centric society, they might consider this: If your residents don't have to drive to a neighboring town to buy the basics, the things not usually found at the mom-and-pop stores, they might not have to drive out of town.

The quote that you published from the Graton resident and Zen priestess — that was pretty quaint!