Condemning Putin

EDITOR: I was surprised to see an editorial from a left-leaning paper criticizing another country or proclaiming the superiority of the United States. During the Bush administration, this kind of talk was simply not acceptable.

I am speaking of the piece about the ban of American adoption of Russian children ("Russian law leaves children out in the cold," Jan. 2). What the editorial failed to mention is that Russian children are desired because they are fair-skinned, blond and blue-eyed. That certainly does not promote diversity.

I say let the Russians take care of the Russians and the the Americans take care of their own. And there are certainly many children in this country born or aborted who deserve to be adopted.

The editorial does rightly identify the bureaucracy and red tape as a culprit. For decades, faith-based organizations have been able to place children in traditional families of known, upstanding, caring and loving members of these communities. However, social engineers have destroyed these organizations.

So for those condemning Russian President Vladimir Putin, they should look themselves in the mirror. What's more important — the life of a child or their social re-engineering project?



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Email the Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office through the website,, or call 707-565-2311.


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