A man arrested by Sebastopol police in a minor theft case turned out to be a rape suspect on the top-10 "most wanted" list in Sedgwick County, Kan.

Although the man gave officers a false name, a fingerprint check showed they'd arrested Floyd Rubio, 31.

"We've been looking for him since June of 2010. Quite a bit of looking," Sedgwick County sheriff's Capt. Brenda Dietzman said Tuesday.

Finding someone from the top-10 list isn't easy, Dietzman said. "We usually catch one or two a year. This is big for us."

Rubio is in Sonoma County Jail and has been charged with three misdemeanor crimes involving the theft. The Sedgwick County Sheriff hopes to send the department airplane to California soon to retrieve Rubio, said Dietzman.

In Wichita, the county's seat, Rubio is expected to be prosecuted on two counts of rape and two counts of aggravated indecent liberties involving a 14- or 15-year-old girl. He also faces charges in connection with suspected drunken driving and attempting to elude officers.

At his arrest in Sonoma County, he was a transient with 26 cents in his pocket and no identification.

Police said that he is the man who on Saturday afternoon walked into a RadioShack on Gravenstein Highway north in Sebastopol.

After checking out a variety of stereos and asking RadioShack's Chris Caplan a few questions, the man picked up a $130 boxed Samsung stereo and walked out.

Caplan, 23, and the store's general manager, followed him. "I stopped him outside our shop here," said Caplan. "I said 'Did you pay for that?'"

The man said he had, but ignored Caplan's repeated requests to see the receipt. The employee then took the stereo from him, headed back inside and contacted police.

"He was so casual about everything; it was kind of eerie," Caplan said Tuesday.

Three Sebastopol officers responded to the call and within minutes Officer David Harston had found and stopped the man while Officer Bill Snyder and Reserve Police Officer Jose Contreras went to the business.

It appeared the suspect had attempted to change his appearance by wearing a second pair of pants over the pair he'd worn ins the store, said Sebastopol Chief Jeff Weaver.

Officers took him back to RadioShack where Caplan identified him as the would-be thief. Officers ran a fingerprint check and the identified the suspect as Rubio, a wanted felony suspect.

Rubio is being held without bail on the Kansas warrant and an immigration hold.

"I'm pleased that the clerk called, we found the suspect and the clerk was willing to make a citizen's arrest," said the chief. "If any of those hadn't happened, this wanted violent felon would have escaped apprehension."

Staff Writer Randi Rossmann at 521-5412 or randi.rossmann@pressdemocrat.com.