Tax truths

EDITOR: How ironic was the juxtaposition in your Monday edition of an article on Page A4 and the political cartoon on your editorial page.

In the article, Don Thompson of the Associated Press wrote about talks among the Democratic supermajority in the state Legislature to "tinker with Proposition 13" to raise taxes on business property and to "consider raising taxes on businesses, boosting the minimum wage and making it easier for lawyers to sue businesses." These talks come not even two months after the passage of Proposition 30, which raised sales taxes on everyone and income taxes on successful families and small businesses.

Every economist — liberal, conservative or neither — will tell anyone who listens that businesses do not pay taxes. Businesses pass on taxes and higher costs of government regulation to the consumer in the form of higher prices; with the taxes going to pay for ever more government and bigger pensions for the same people who are talking about raising taxes.

Lisa Benson's political cartoon then parodied the decade-long exodus of those, including successful families and small businesses, leaving the state and taking their would-be taxes with them. Bye-bye.


Santa Rosa