The funniest movie scene ever? Maybe in "Life of Brian," when insurgents with the People's Front of Judea scoff at "Splitters!" their rivals within the Judean People's Front and the Popular Front of Judea.

It comes to mind because a group rallying a protest Saturday at the Bohemian Grove Encampment calls itself the Bohemian Grove Action and Resistance Network, and Mary Moore is not amused.

She's the veteran activist who three decades ago co-founded the Bohemian Grove Action Network (BGAN). It organized many demonstrations at the gate of the men-only midsummer retreat at the Bohemian Club of San Francisco's vast redwood camp near Monte Rio.

Moore's point has been that the public should know who's inside the grove and what's said at the Lakeside Talks because many of the men of the encampment are influential and the talks can float ideas that become policy of national or global importance.

Moore doesn't know what the Bohemian Grove Action and Resistance Network believes or what the point of a demonstration Saturday, if it happens, will be. But she's not protesting this year and she wouldn't want anyone thinking BGARN is BGAN.

UP RIVER ROAD from the Grove is the hideaway that was long the Cazanoma Lodge and is now CazSonoma Inn.

Its owners, Rich and Renee Mitchell, bring in world-class artists and thinkers for special events, including one Saturday afternoon to raise scholarship money for the fine Cazadero Music Camp.

Some seriously accomplished pro musicians will perform and the Mitchells will serve local wines, meats, cheeses, chocolates — but no catch-it-yourself trout.

BREAD LINE: Unless you're already queued at the new Boudin San Francisco in Montgomery Village, it's almost certainly too late to line up to win a loaf of bread a day for a year.

Free-bread vouchers will go to the first 100 people in line when the bakery/restaurant opens at 9 a.m. today. Folks started showing more than 24 hours early to claim a spot.

Nice touch: Boudin saved the head of the line for the Redwood Empire Food Bank, which will give the vouchers to the pantry at Christ Church United Methodist.

The No. 2 person, Crystal Robert, told me about 3:30 p.m. Wednesday — when there were 22 people in line — she'll donate some of her loaves to local causes.

Crystal, who's 35 and loves Boudin's whole-grain sourdough, said she's gotten up early-early for Black Friday shopping "but I've never camped out for bread."

HE LOVES TO SING, so Petaluma Fire Battalion Chief Phil Sutsos was thrilled when the Giants had him perform "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" Monday in the 7th inning of what became a 16-inning slog against the Mets.

The Giants lost, again. But Sutsos did what he could to snap the bummer streak: After "root, root, root for the Giants," he ad-libbed, "And they are going to win!"

They are, and when they do won't that be cause for song?

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