Saturday's Letters to the Editor

Guns aren't the problem

EDITOR: It's time to speak out against the attack on our Constitution by non-thinking liberals. Box cutters were used by terrorists to take over planes on 9/11. You can still buy box cutters. Timothy McVeigh didn't use guns. He put together fertilizer and racing fuel to take out 168 innocent people and injure 680 others. We can still buy these two ingredients without any problem, permits or police checks.

If a murder is determined to kill, he or she can do so without any trouble from the gun-control people. We can still purchase axes and sharp knives or use our cars to take out anyone. Gun are not the problem. Shutting down the mental health hospitals, turning mentally ill people out onto the streets and thinking that they can take care of themselves is dangerous.

I took my psychology training at Patton State Hospital in 1958. These people are not capable of taking their meds or caring for themselves. The population of America has tripled since then and so has the mental health problem. Reopen Agnew State Hospital, Patton State Hospital (it is a drug rehab center now) and other mental hospitals now.



Taylor is only choice

EDITOR: Santa Rosa City Council members say that they wish to be a more cooperative body. It would appear to me that in order to get off on the right foot, it would be mandatory for them to unanimously appoint Don Taylor to fill Susan Gorin's position. He received more than 23,000 votes in the recent election, and any other selection would be both divisive and would disenfranchise 23,000 voters.


Santa Rosa

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