Fireplace restrictions

EDITOR: Wood burning is prohibited on Spare the Air days. Air quality officials used to warn first-time violators; they now issue tickets ("No more warnings for burn ban violators," Tuesday). "We think enough people know they shouldn't burn wood on Spare the Air days," air quality district spokesman Aaron Richardson said.

I'm not sure how many newspaper subscribers there are in Sonoma County versus how many residents, but I am sure of this: I would never have heard of Spare the Air days if I didn't read the newspaper. How do non-readers know it is such a day? There's a website you can check every cold day of your life. Even then, you'd have to read the newspaper to know that.

Maybe new home buyers and renters with fireplaces are given a standard Spare the Air disclosure form. If not, we should implement a system that advises all of Spare the Air day — a bell that tolls if it's that day.

Spare the Air day is not obvious. What seems obvious to most people is that if you have a fireplace you can keep your house warm without paying a bundle to PG&E. I don't own a fireplace, but this just burns me up.


Santa Rosa