<b>History and hysteria</b>

EDITOR: Should people in Sonoma County, weighing the merits of Sonoma Clean Power, take a look at Marin County's 2009 grand jury report that recommended ditching the Marin Clean Energy effort ("Opting out," Letters, July 5)? Sure they should, if only to see how comically wrong reality has proven that grand jury to be.

They will see that the naysayers' hand-wringing about the alleged "risk," "high rates" and "bureaucracy" is laughable in hindsight. The report has been thrown into history's dustbin by Marin Clean Energy's three years of successful operation — new, clean, renewable energy being developed in California, including several megawatts already in Marin, as well as $4 million in new energy efficiency programs underway.

The moth-eaten "Pull the Plug" report, in light of subsequent reality, sounds a lot like the equally groundless pro-PG&E propaganda shown in recent letters to the editor. We in Marin have heard it all before, and it's hokum. So, in Sonoma as in Marin, we say, give ratepayers a right to choose — a dynamic, cleaner, safe mix of power with Sonoma Clean Power's alternatives or a continued, laggard, bureaucratic PG&E monopoly that is no choice at all.



<b>It's trucks, not monks</b>

EDITOR: I was saddened to see that my neighbors are making complaints about the the planned improvements in the buildings at the Sonoma Mountain Zen Center ("Zen cener plans hit snag," Friday.

I wonder that I have not heard these same neighbors complain about the massive grape and garbage trucks that are the real problem on our miserable roads.

The Sonoma Mountain center is an island of peace in this hectic world. It is to be cherished, not attacked.


Santa Rosa

<b>No apology needed</b>

EDITOR: I don't feel that Sonoma State University owed the student who was working for the student government an apology ("SSU apologizes to student," Tuesday). It seems to me a certain attire should have been worn with no religious affiliation, especially since SSU is not a religious-slanted campus.

I am religious, but I would take offense at a dangling cross at a student orientation, for the mere fact that it might have been offensive to students who may be atheists, Buddhist or Jewish.

It has nothing to do with which of us is more or less God-fearing; it's more of a slant about not putting your religious views down others' throats. It may seem to be such an innocent way, yet it is not.

That is why I am certain there was probably some sort of dress code for this event, and if there was not, I hope one has been written now.

The main thing is, this was an orientation for new students, so how about neutral dress and not political or religious displays so it all goes smoothly?


Santa Rosa

<b>A dream</b>

EDITOR: Am I a utopian? I wish for a local power agency that has citizens' and businesses' interests in mind, for both rates and cleanness. We already use 100 percent green power from The Geysers complex, the largest in the world, and we even contribute our wastewater to that effort at great cost.

In my dream world, we buy an existing Geysers plant or two and retrofit and expand the use of them. Our rates can go down 20 percent and more when we sell the excess and sell those phony credits to other duped municipalities.

Imagine rates 25 percent to 30 percent lower, as that is what is possible. Employers would love that. Businesses would love that. I would, too. Free energy for streetlights.

Instead, first on the list for Sonoma Clean Power is a $100 million solar plant by the airport. If that $100 million went to combine with Calpine or others, we could be a 100 percent green provider at more than 20 percent lower cost.

I dream a dream; they are presenting a nightmare — a shiny box with darkness inside. Wake up.


Santa Rosa