A small group of protesters gathered outside of the Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio on Saturday, handing out literature and trying to talk to staff and members who were heading inside the elite men's club.

The all-male encampment every summer plays host to the world's rich and powerful for about two weeks.

This year's protest, by the Bohemian Grove Action and Resistance Network, involved 10 to 15 people, said organizer Sean Ackley of Brentwood. The group is unaffiliated with the Bohemian Grove Action Network, which has staged protests in years past.

Ackley's group did not engage in civil disobedience, and there were no arrests.

Historically, protesters at the grove have had a liberal bent, working to bring attention to a host of global concerns and fears of collusion by world leaders inside the encampment.

Ackley, a Republican with tea party leanings, said Saturday's protest involved handing out information on concerns regarding the implementation of the power "Smart Grid" and Google technology.

"We were able to talk to a lot of people. We brought a bunch of signs out," he said.

The protesters included people from Sonoma County, Nevada and the Bay Area.

The group flew the yellow "Don't Tread on Me" flag familiar to tea party gatherings.

A few Bohemian Grove staff members passing by spoke to the protesters, including a few "throwing us the peace sign," Ackerly said.

A couple of unidentified members of the grove also spoke to protesters, he said. "We don't know who they were. Some people walking by."



CORRECTION: Added July 17, 2013

The group protesting at the Bohemian Grove is named Redwood Empire We Are Change. The group's Facebook page is called "Resist the Grove -- Bohemian Grove Action and Resistance." A story posted on July 13, 2013 contained incorrect information.