Sunday's Letters to the Editor

Too much hysteria

EDITOR: As I read my friend Scott Swanson's hysterical, somewhat unhinged diatribe against the National Rifle Association ("Necessary steps for reducing gun violence now," Close to Home, Wednesday), I thought, wow, this is what we don't need.

I have been a member of the NRA for 50 years, and I am confident it is not an evil organization. I have seen many good things it has done, such as gun safety programs, hunter safety for children and wildlife and wildland preservation, to name a few.

NRA members want to keep weapons out of the hands of the mentally ill as badly as any person, while preserving the rights of honest, law-abiding gun owners. It can be done, but we need to cut with the hyperbole and half-truth hysteria that has been in many letters to the editor lately. Let's work together on this and have a calm honest discussion.



Remember internment

EDITOR: A few weeks ago, I listened to our senior senator on one of the Sunday morning news shows saying, in essence, that it is time to deny the civil rights of a minority (and, odd, I thought the Bill of Rights applied to everyone) in order to make the majority feel safer. I'm sure that many in Sonoma County agree with her. I respectfully suggest that she, and they, head east on Interstate 80, then south on Highway 395 and pay a visit to a place called Manzanar. Then come back and tell us just how good it is to trample on the rights of a minority to make the majority feel good. Also tell us how good Executive Order 9066 was for us.


Santa Rosa

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