Finding a killer

EDITOR: Could someone or some agency assist in increasing the $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Michela Wooldridge's killer ("SR homeless woman's killing remains mystery," Wednesday)?

It is horrible that she was killed on our local streets. Her life circumstances and what time of day or night it might have been do not matter. The murderer is still out there, and anyone of us or our families could be the next victim.

I find it disturbing that our society has offered more money — $6,250 — to find the killer of an also innocent horse shot grazing in his pasture in Bennett Valley ("Reward grows in horse killing," Nov. 15) than is being offered in this young mother's death. Animals are a large part of my life's work, but the reward offered to find Wooldridge's killer makes me ashamed to be human.

We need to set up a reward fund. I will contribute what I can, and I believe others will help as well if the fund is set such that donors can trust their donations will be used appropriately. As a society, we can do better in both life and death for members of our community. Will you help?