Bears are spotted occasionally around Fort Bragg, but it isn't often that one wanders into a residential neighborhood.

Tuesday around 9 a.m., Fort Bragg Police responded to reports of a bear in the area around South Street.

The black bear, said to be "good-sized," or about four feet tall when on all fours, appeared to have wandered up from the Noyo River, according to Lt. John Naulty.

The bear leapt over some fences and briefly climbed a tree before heading to the parking lot of Mendocino Coast Hospital.

"It's the first time I've heard of one in the city. I know they are out there and there's been a lot of sightings," Naulty said, noting that a daytime appearance is even more unusual.

The bear eventually turned around, headed back down the hill toward the Noyo River area and disappeared.

"No one was ever in any danger. A lot of people saw it and reported it," he said.

The Police Department said residents who spot wild animals should return to their vehicle or home and call police or the state Fish and Game Department.