A shameful liar

EDITOR: Admittedly, I have not yet seen the full interview that Lance Armstrong gave to Oprah Winfrey, but it has come out that Armstrong's biggest incentive for telling the truth about doping was so that he would be allowed to ride competitively again.

He didn't come clean to be an honest person or to live up to a standard of integrity; he did it for personal gain. I find his lack of integrity and years of lying abhorrent, and I hope his personal gains are stopped and/or limited. He deserves nothing more than to be called what he is: a liar of ultimate proportions who has deceived fans and the public alike.

Since when did telling the truth get a lying, deceitful person who posed as a winner and role model anything of personal gain? He should be fully ashamed of himself and gain nothing from this unacceptable behavior.


Santa Rosa