The last of four men involved in a gang-related abduction and torture that led to the killing of the victim's brother in a Sonoma Coast beach parking lot was sentenced Friday to nine years in prison.

Dundo Xayyaphay, 24, of Merced, received the punishment in the 2008 kidnapping of Terry Au by members of the Asian Boyz gang. He and the three other defendants beat and tortured Au, burning his face with cigarettes and threatening to cut off his fingers, over his refusal to sell drugs for them.

After Au testified against the men, his brother, Vutha Au, 24, was shot and killed in the Blind Beach parking lot in what prosecutors said was an act of reprisal.

In June, jurors convicted Vutha Au's four killers of first-degree murder. They are serving life in prison.

Xayyaphay's Santa Rosa co-defendants also are behind bars. Perry Khaoone was sentenced to more than 18 years in prison and his brother Pongssony Khaoone got 15 years. A third man, Boonlack Phanchanh, received 13 years.